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When most patients think of straightening their teeth, they think that it’s for cosmetic reasons. In reality, there are also health benefits to be found from straightening yours and your children’s teeth. From chewing and biting more comfortably, to breathing and sleeping better at night.

Health Benefits of Straightening Teeth

Oftentimes, patients with crooked teeth have trouble cleaning their teeth, especially between in the nooks and crannies. With orthodontic treatment, teens and adults can create a more attractive and straighter smile. Straighter teeth put less stress on your jaw, enabling your teeth to fit more comfortably.

Better Breathing

Orthotropics is essentially facial growth guidance, allowing the teeth and jaws to fit more comfortably, naturally without the use of orthodontic braces. If you’ve noticed that your child has difficulty chewing, sleeping, or breathing through their nose, or has sleep apnea or ear infections, they may be recommended for orthotropic treatments. This method of treatment gently guides their jaws and teeth, nasal and sinus cavity into a more functional placement.

This promotes better breathing, which in turn improves sleep and gets rid of sleep apnea. Children and teens sleep easier, which helps them with growth and energy during the day. The most obvious way to determine that your child may need orthotropic treatment is if they tend to breathe more through their mouth and have trouble sleeping.

Consultation Process

The first step is to schedule a consultation with us here at Pickup Bagshaw Dental. We’ll take a look at your child or teen’s dental health state and discuss the options with you.

After an initial consultation, a full set of orthodontic records will be required for a complete analysis. The records will include models, full mouth x-rays, and photographs. In some instances, these could be taken on the day of the initial consultation.

If a child’s treatment begins early enough, expansion appliances may be all that is needed. However in some cases, braces may still be required to achieve the required result.

Learn More About Orthotropics/Orthodontics

Is your child having difficulty breathing through their nose, leading to difficulty sleeping? It could be a flaw in their jaw, nasal passage, and facial growth causing them to struggle. If you and your child’s doctor agree that guided facial growth would be the best course of action, contact us at Pickup Bagshaw Dental in Launceston for a full assessment and discussion about treatment. Your child’s health early on will shape their future, so let us help them form a healthier, relieving smile.

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