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Wisdom Teeth Removal Launceston, TAS

We humans can live without our third molars, but they still exist as we grow. However, those who have undergone orthodontic treatments or have crowded smiles could be at risk if those wisdom teeth start to emerge. Wisdom teeth tend to be large and bulky, with the potential to shift neighbouring teeth. If they are not removed promptly, it could spell trouble for you and your oral health. We’ve compiled some quick facts below about wisdom teeth for patients of Pickup Bagshaw Dental.

What is a Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth is a third molar that emerges near the back of the arches of teeth. Because they tend to emerge later in life when someone reaches adulthood, they’ve been dubbed the wisdom teeth. They’re mostly spotted on x-rays and dentists keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t impact the surrounding teeth. If it appears that the patient is at risk, then it will be recommended that the teeth be removed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

The first step is to assess your situation and we can help determine how impacted your wisdom teeth are and what may happen if you don’t have them removed. After you have been approved for wisdom tooth removal, we will schedule you for a removal procedure. You’ll be put under IV (intravenous) sedation, where you can rest easy and still be able to communicate with the dentist. However, you will have no memory of the procedure.

After the procedure is completed, it’s vital that you follow the post-operative instructions of Dr Pickup, Dr Bagshaw or Dr. Thomas. Keeping the area clean is paramount, and it’s quite normal to experience some bleeding and swelling. If you experience more symptoms than that, please contact us right away to have it checked and for any further instructions from the dentists.

How Do I Know if My Teeth Should be Removed?

While it’s advised to remove your wisdom teeth once they start to erupt, there are different types of impaction that can influence when they are removed.

  • Mesial/Distal Impaction: Mesial means that the wisdom tooth is angled forward toward the front of the mouth; Distal is the opposite, with the tooth angled toward the back of the mouth.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Impaction: If the tooth is vertical, it’s erupting straight up and down as a normal tooth would. Horizontal is very dangerous, as the tooth is lying on its side, but still growing.
  • Bony/Partial Bony Impaction: A bony impaction is when the wisdom tooth struggles to erupt and is encased by the gums or the jawbone. A partial bony impaction is when the tooth is partially erupted but is unable to fully erupt.

The only definitive way to uncover if your wisdom teeth need to be removed is to schedule a consultation with either Dr Pickup, Dr Bagshaw or Dr. Thomas. We have the equipment and evaluation experience to uncover what’s best for you and your smile. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation, and we’ll be happy to help you with your wisdom teeth.

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