Tooth Extractions Launceston

Tooth Extractions Launceston, TAS

If a tooth has become damaged or is putting neighboring teeth at risk, it may be recommended that the faulty tooth be removed to save the rest of your smile. By extracting the tooth, that area can have any decay or damage removed or repaired, or make way for a tooth replacement treatment. At Pickup Bagshaw Dental in Launceston, our dentists are experienced in the extraction of problem teeth, and also assessing if an extraction is even necessary.

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Why Are Teeth Extracted?

There are various reasons why teeth are extracted. Below is a list of just a few of them:

  • Crowded Mouth – If a patient is preparing for orthodontic treatment or other treatments that require shifting teeth, it’s possible that you may need to have a tooth extracted to make room for the changes.
  • Infection – Tooth decay damage can extend to the sensitive pulp in the tooth, effectively damaging it. If the pulp cannot be filled in or saved, then the tooth should be extracted to prevent it from infecting other surrounding teeth.
  • Gum Disease – The same can be said of gum disease as was said for infections. Gum disease affects the roots and tooth support system, so if the tooth becomes loose then it could be that the best option is to remove the tooth entirely.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions fall into the “crowded mouth” category from the list above. These third molars are essentially extra teeth that we don’t need, and if left in they can cause your mouth to become overcrowded and painful.

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 21, so most young adults have them extracted at this time. If it has been determined that your wisdom teeth pose a threat to the surrounding teeth, then we may recommend having the wisdom tooth removed.

Emergency Tooth Extractions

Let’s say you awake one morning in excruciating pain. It feels like your tooth has been damaged or is feeling extra-sensitive. If your tooth has recently suffered trauma or has damaged the pulp and nerves in some way, then we can perform emergency evaluations and emergency extractions if needed.

At Pickup Bagshaw Dental, we understand that accidents happen and teeth become damaged. If you feel you’re in need of urgent attention, contact us today and we will do our best to schedule you to come in that same day. We’ll evaluate your oral health, diagnose the problem, and extract the tooth (if needed).

If you’re experiencing an emergency situation, we recommend you seek emergency medical attention before contacting us.

Contact Us About Tooth Extractions

Are you experiencing dental pain or have you recently suffered a trauma to your teeth? Or have you been told that your wisdom teeth may cause problems for your smile? Contact us at Pickup Bagshaw Dental and discover if you need to have your teeth extracted. If you feel you need to schedule an urgent appointment, let us know and we’ll do our best to fit you into our schedule the same day.

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