Tooth Pain Treatment

Tooth Pain Treatment in Launceston, TAS

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Tooth pain can feel excruciating if not cared for right away. Patients may often pass it off at the first twinges of sharp pain, but depending on the type of ailment, this pain can escalate. Here we'll take a look at the types of dental problems you may be experiencing, how we might treat them, and what to do if you're experiencing a dental emergency and need to see us as soon as possible.

Tooth Pain Treatment in LauncestonTypes of Tooth Pain

Temperature Sensitivity

Do you feel some pain when eating hot or cold temperature foods? While sensitivity is not threatening to your oral health, it could be a sign of small decay, small gum recession, or slight reduction in enamel. Seek out toothpaste for sensitive teeth and see if it makes a difference in how you feel. If symptoms persist, come pay us a visit to have a better look at your teeth.

Sharp Pain When Chewing or Biting

Sharp pain when you bite down or chew could mean a loose filling, a crack in the tooth, or advanced stages of tooth decay. It's recommended that you schedule an appointment with us if you feel this type of pain, as it could worsen if left alone.

Chronic or Throbbing Pain

If the pain you feel is lingering, it's most likely a sign of damage to the sensitive pulp in your tooth. This damage could be irreversible, due to tooth decay or physical trauma.

Jaw Pain

This could be a result of bruxism (teeth grinding), clenching your jaw, or possible symptom of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). If this symptom persists, it could lead to severe headaches and a reduction in tooth enamel as your teeth grind. We recommend you pay us a visit to determine what the cause of your jaw pain may be.

Treatments for Severe Tooth Pain

Root Canals and Fillings

If tooth decay is extensive and threatening to the sensitive layers of the tooth, a root canal or filling may be recommended. Fillings seal up the cracks on the surface before they worsen, and root canals are for when the decay has reached the exposed pulp area. Root canals clean out the dead tissue and fill in the damage to avoid further wear.

Abscess Drainage

An abscess is a pocket of pus that's the result of a bacterial infection. This pocket could be harmful to your tooth, and we can drain this abscess to avoid it rupturing and spreading the bacterial infection.

Tooth Extraction

If a tooth has been deemed irreparable (meaning it is too damaged to be repaired or covered), then you may need to have the tooth extracted. Our experienced team, including Dr Pickup, Dr Bagshaw, and Dr Thomas, will safely and effectively remove the tooth and discuss possible replacements that work for you.

Tooth Replacement

Just because you've lost one or more teeth or needed to have a tooth extracted, does not mean that this is the end of your smile. On the contrary, we offer a few tooth replacement options to help cover up the gap and complete your smile. These include dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

Emergency Treatments in Launceston

If you're experiencing a dental emergency and need to be seen today, please contact us and we will work to provide an appointment time as soon as possible. For more complicated appointments or treatments, a second visit may be necessary. We will make every effort to treat you within 24 hours.

Contact Us To Address Your Tooth Pain

Toothaches and pain are nothing to sniff at and treating them early will help you in the long run. If you're experiencing terrible tooth pain, contact us today or schedule an appointment with Dr Pickup, Dr Bagshaw, or Dr Thomas to have your tooth pain addressed. We can fit you in for an emergency appointment, or schedule you for an extensive treatment after a consultation. We're here to help relieve your pain in Launceston at Pickup Bagshaw Dental.