Children's Dentistry

Dentistry for Children Launceston, TAS

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The first dental visit of a child can be as early as when they are 6 months old. Regular check-ups and early dental interventions can set them up with a lifetime of healthy teeth and great smiles. We invite you to bring your child to Pickup Bagshaw Dental as early as possible, so we can prevent cavities and other dental problems rather than treat them.

Our dental clinic has a friendly and warm atmosphere which will put your child at ease. Our caring staff make sure that every child who visits us is comfortable and that each dental visit is a pleasant experience.

Children may be more susceptible to certain dental issues such as cavities because they may snack on sugary food and beverages often. According to the child’s developmental age, we provide the required anticipatory guidance and information to help prevent cavities and other oral issues. We are more than happy to see your child from birth to adolescence, and help them integrate healthy dental hygiene habits into their daily routine. A good relationship with a dentist from a young age will set the stage for a lifetime of great oral health.

Routine dental care

Children need regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleaning just like adults do. The check-up should ideally be scheduled every six months. This routine care will help maintain your child’s oral health, and identify any issues at the earliest, most treatable stage.

Fissure sealants

Tooth decay is a common problem among young children. To prevent this, fissure sealants are often used to form a protective barrier over the deep groves in the teeth. As children can often find it difficult to keep these deep grooves clean, fissure sealants can help in reducing the ability for plaque and bacteria getting caught in them.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is important for children with developing teeth. Fluoride treatment can strengthen the teeth and reduce the chances of developing cavities.

Restorative procedures

If your child’s teeth have been damaged by decay or injury, then there are several restorative dentistry procedures that are available to restore functionality and appearance. If it is a small cavity, the only treatment required may be a quick filling. For advanced decay, a root canal treatment or crown may be required.

Our dentists are well-equipped to handle all the unique needs and concerns of children, so you have nothing to worry about. Different techniques are available for children who are over-anxious, which you can discuss with your dentist.

Friendly atmosphere at Pickup Bagshaw Dental

Our staff and dentists consider your child’s comfort as their highest priority. We understand how anxious children may get and we take all the necessary steps to make them feel safe and relaxed.

We build a bond of trust and assurance with each child, so they won’t resist coming to us for routine visits. We advise both children and parents for a combined approach in preventative dentistry.

We are proud to have created a compassionate, warm, and child-friendly atmosphere. We want everyone who visits our clinic to feel at home and relaxed.

If your child needs dental treatment, we invite you to give us a call and fix an appointment. You may also easily book the appointment online.