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Dental Fillings Launceston

If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or damaged by decay, you may need fillings to restore functionality and prevent further damage. You may not be able to see all the cavities on your own in the mirror, some may to be too small and can be found only during a dental examination. At Pickup Bagshaw Dental, we examine your teeth during regular check-up, dental cleaning, or any other procedure to see if there are any teeth that need fillings.

The earlier you catch a tooth that needs filling, the easier it is to arrest development of further decay. If you neglect a small cavity, it may worsen and grow deeper, possibly even affecting the nerve of the tooth, which might then require a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Small cavities can be easily restored using tooth coloured fillings which blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.

Besides using fillings to treat cavities, it can also be used to hide small cracks and chips. The filling materials available today resemble the tooth colour so closely that it is pretty much impossible to tell whether you have had any filling work done or not.

If your teeth need restorative procedures such as fillings, our dental team use the most modern technology to provide the best available treatment. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to contour your damaged tooth back to its original form and restore both functionality and appearance.

How can fillings help?

Tooth fillings can help with the following:

  • It enhances your smile by hiding cracks or chips
  • It can fill in unsightly gaps between the teeth
  • It can prevent tooth loss by stopping decay in its tracks
  • It can relieve pain in your jaw or mouth
  • It can repair the damage that might have been caused by cavities
  • It replaces or updates older dental treatments that may have outlived their utility or lost their aesthetic appearance
  • It brings back normal chewing and eating functionality

What is the procedure for mouth fillings?

Filings for your teeth are very simple procedures that can be completed quickly. First, our dentist will administer local anaesthesia to numb your tooth and gums. A small drill is used on the enamel to gain access to the interior of the tooth. The decayed area of the tooth is then completely cleaned out carefully with the help of special tools. You should not feel any pain because of the local anaesthesia.

The tooth is then shaped and prepared in order to receive the filling. At Pickup Bagshaw Dental clinic, we offer composite fillings which are not only the safest option available, but also very long lasting as well.

After the filling is placed, our dentist will polish the tooth to give it a natural shine. No one would even know that you have a filling in your tooth.

To learn more about how you can restore your teeth using tooth fillings, set up an appointment with us right away.

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